Joint Protectors

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  • Joint Protectors, Will fit to any cue with specific Joint.
  • Comes as a Set of 2pcs - Male and Female, for Both Shaft and Butt Portion of Your Pool Cue Stick
  • Black Hard Plastic
  • Comes in a Plastic Bag
  • Will fit to Both Flat Faced and Piloted Shafts



Joint protectors are used for pool cues to preserve the integrity of the cue's joint mechanism, typically found between the shaft and the butt of the cue. Here's why they're important:

1. **Preventing Damage**: The joint of a pool cue is a crucial and sensitive part of the cue. Without proper protection, it's susceptible to damage from impacts, dirt, moisture, or even accidental drops. Joint protectors act as a shield, preventing these potential harms.

2. **Maintaining Cue Performance**: Any damage to the joint can affect the cue's performance. Even slight deformations or dirt accumulation can cause misalignment, affecting the accuracy and consistency of your shots. By keeping the joint protected, you ensure that the cue performs as intended.

3. **Extending Lifespan**: A pool cue is an investment for players, and protecting its components, including the joint, helps extend its lifespan. With regular use, cues can undergo wear and tear, but using joint protectors minimizes the risk of damage, allowing the cue to last longer.

4. **Preserving Fit**: Joint protectors also help maintain the precise fit between the shaft and the butt of the cue. Over time, if the joint becomes damaged or worn, it may not fit as snugly, leading to playability issues. By using joint protectors, you preserve this fit, ensuring a smooth connection between the cue components.

5. **Hygiene**: Joint protectors can also help keep dirt, dust, and moisture out of the cue's joint, which is crucial for maintaining optimal performance. By keeping the joint clean and free from debris, you reduce the risk of any abrasive particles causing damage or affecting play.

In essence, joint protectors are a relatively inexpensive accessory that offers significant benefits in terms of cue maintenance, performance, and longevity. They're a simple yet effective way to safeguard your investment and ensure that your cue performs at its best for years to come.