ASKA Set of 5 L9 Pool Cue Sticks 58", 2-Piece Construction, 5/16x18 Joint, Hard Rock Canadian Maple, 13mm Hard Glued On Tip, Mixed Weights and Colors, L9S5

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  • Set of 5 Cues - One of Each Color - Black 21oz, Blue 20oz, Brown 19oz, Green 19oz, Red 18oz
  • Stained maple cues, 5 dashed rings, metal 5/16x18 joint, hard rock maple shaft with 13mm hard tip. Black/white Irish Linen wrap.
  • 13mm Hard Leather Tip, 5/16x18 Joint, 25mm ABS Ferrule
  • Black and White Irish linen Wrap Black Rubber Bumper, Mixed Weights

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