Carom Super Aramith de Luxe set 61.5 mm, AR1050

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Carom Super Aramith de Luxe Set 61.5 mm
The new Super Aramith de Luxe set features standard set of: one maroon billiard ball and two cue balls (one with a red circle and one without)
The Super Aramith balls have moreover an extra-hard transparent surface that minimizes burn spots on both balls and cloth. Resistant to abrasion and wear, they hold their high luster over a very long period of time. This consistently lengthens the playing life of the balls and the table cloth, resulting in major cost savings
Produced to the most exacting standards and tolerances, each ball is individually calipered to insure maximum consistency from ball to ball
The set includes 3 balls: 2 White and 1 Red, in 61,5 mm diameter

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