PureX HXT95 Pool Cue Stick - Low Deflection Technology Midnight Black with Weave Point & Cocobolo Design, Kamui Black Soft 12.75mm Tip

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  • Brand: Players
  • Item Number: HXT95
  • 5/16x18 joint pin
  • Wrap: Double-Pressed Irish Linen
  • Tip: 12.75mm

  • Pure-X®: Changing Your Game Is A Science

    Billiards may be a sport, but changing your game is a science. Pure-X® low deflection technology cues come power-packed with high-tech performance enhancements - at a glance these cues may look like old familiar friends, but they play like well-built machines.

    Pure-X® Cue Features

    • HXT Low Deflection Shaft drastically reduces cue ball deflection - 2 styles available: Classic and Skinny
    • High-tech ferrule with lightweight polymer core aids in reducing deflection 
    • The Classic shaft is 12.75mm diameter; the Skinny shaft is a slim 11.75mm
    • Both shafts feature a Kamui Black soft layered tip for superior grip, spin and durability
    • Lizard Embossed Black Leather Wrap
    • Weight adjustable
    • 5/16 x 18 joint

    Pure-X® cues aren’t just about flashy technology - they’re built on a solid core of tried-and-tested quality. Pure-X® cues are built using 100% hand-selected North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple for maximum straightness, all cue blanks are turned and dried seven times while curing and are treated with stabilizers and epoxies to prevent warpage, and finished cues feature finishing touches designed to keep them looking and playing like new for years.

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