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The History of Mezz by

Miki Co., Ltd is based in Japan and we have been making cues (Pool cues, Carom cues, Snooker cues) since 1960, but not many people knew about us untill we started making our own brand "Mezz Cues " so here is the story of our company, a story that you won't even find in the Billiard Encyclopedia!!

1960-1994 Yuji Miki, the founder of Miki Company was brought up in his father's workshop. His father made traditional Japanese wooden products, so Yuji become familiar with the various types and properties of wood at a young age. This knowledge would become invaluable to him in the future.

In 1960, Yuji started making unfinished one piece cues using a machine that he had constructed himself. He then sold the cues to another company to be finished.

By 1963, he was making finished one piece cues for a trading company who sold to the USA and demand began to increase. The factory was becoming too small to manufacture enough cues to meet the demand. The following year,Miki moved to a new larger factory in the same city. By that time, Miki's production had risen to 240,000 one piece cues a year.

In 1969, in order to make two piece cues, Miki began to set up machines in the factory. We designed and built our own machines by ourselves and also re-designed machines that we bought for cue-making.

After a couple of years, Miki was asked to make two piece cues for another company as their brand and in 1971, he made a contract with an American company, which stated that Miki company would not sell its own brand of cues anywhere in the world, even Japan. In fact, every cue Miki made had to be sold through that company. That is one of the main reasons you had never heard of us until recently.

In the seventies, the American company mentioned above asked Miki if he could make Carom cues (wood-screw billiard cues) and Snooker cues. Then Miki began to make carom and snooker cues according to the specifications given to them, but still using Miki's own methods.

Here is a list of some cues that Miki made in the past ;

Pool cues :
Adam, Helmstetter, Stambolini, Mali, Brunswick, Buffalo etc.
Carom cues :
Adam, Longoni, Buffalo etc.
Snooker cues :
Adam, Riley, Buffalo etc.

And many professional signature cues.

By the late eighties, the number of orders began to decline and in the early nineties, the Japanese yen became very strong against other currencies, this in turn led to a sharp drop in orders and this is one of the reasons Miki separated from the American company.

But remember we have always been independent, no other companies have ever owned our company, although there was a false rumor that an American company used to own our company.

In 1994, his son, Kazunori Miki joined the company. He wanted to turn things around and proceeded to develop a network of distributors both in Japan and abroad. Kazunori has shown that he is persistent in trying to perfect new methods of creating cues with unique designs and excellent playability.

More than 40 years of experience and achievement have led Miki's staff to this point, and now together with Yuji's son, Kazunori, they have made a commitment to produce the best cues that money can buy.

After 1995

In 1995, at the BCA showq_in the USA, we finally had the opportunity to show our cues under our own brand name Mezz Cues .
Please take a moment to get to know more about our Mezz Cue s. Click here

Miki-Mezz Time Line (Outside of Japan)
1995 Miki releases Mezz cues at the BCA Expo in the USA
1996 Miki created his own joint system "United Joint".
1997 Mezz UJ series debuts in the USA.
1999 Miki releases the Limited Edition cue "LE1999"
Mezz EC series and PUJ series debut in the USA.
2000 Miki releases the Limited Edition cue "LE2000"
Mezz TA models and CL series debut in the USA.
2001 Miki releases the Limited Edition cues "LE2001"
Mezz Hybrid shaft debuts.
2003 Miki introduces the Mezz ZZ series, Mezz Power Break cue, Mezz Jump cue and Mezz Pro Extension in the USA.
2004 Miki introduces the Mezz Power Break 2, Mezz Airshooter jump cue.
New Mezz Z400 series were released from CueStix International.
2005 New Mezz JM400 series were released from J&J America.
New Mezz CJ500 series were released from J&J America.
2006 New Mezz Z600 series were released from CueStix International.
Miki releases the Mezz WD700 shaft.
New Mezz Power Break Ⅰ&Ⅱ with the Deep Impact shaft Debut!!

We at Miki Co., Ltd are never satisfied with present levels of technology in the cue-making industry. We are driven by the passion to innovate, enhance and manufacture high quality, game improvement billiard products that provide a sense of confidence every time they are played.

Our aim is to continuously improve our cue-building techniques, so that players, both professional and amateur can enjoy their favourite game even more.

This article was published on Monday 27 August, 2007.
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